Bed generator


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This area generator tool requires the GEOS libary:

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This area generator tool is used to generate multiple parallel child areas within a parent area. This is useful for automatically drawing beds within a field. Select a parent area, specify how many child areas you want in it, and the area orientation. Areas will be generated to fill the parent.
Set the parent area that the generated areas will be within. This area must have a single polygon geometry. Click on an area in the map below to auto-fill this field.
How many child areas should be generated within the area? The width of each child area will be automatically calculated.
Specify the orientation of the child areas in degrees (between 0 and 360). For example: areas running east/west would have an orientation of 0 or 180, while areas running north/south would have an orientation of 90 or 270. Areas will be numbered automatically in the direction of the orientation. For example: an orientation of 90 will number the areas from west to east, while an orientation of 270 will number the areas from east to west. Note that 0 and 360 are considered equivalent.